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How to Configure Material BOM to explode in Purchase Order?

amit butola || 13 Aug 2013 11:17 am || 3

How do I configure Material BOM to explode in Purchase Order? I have a material BOM (say, ABC) with material type ERSA which is being used a an assembly. This material is in turn comprised of three spares (ERSA) with individual no. of quantities for each component. I am trying to create a Purch Order for the main assembly ABC to procure the item from an external source (vendor).

My problem is that the assembly is not exploding (even the BOM Explosion button is not visible). Kindly give me an idea as to where do I start looking for the problem (customizing as well as master data).



  • 13 Aug 2013 5:49 am
    Is this a subcontracting scenario? If yes, are you using the proper item
  • amit butola
    13 Aug 2013 5:50 am
    Thanks for looking it up.

    If so, why am I getting an error message:

    "Not possible to determine any components" (Msg no. ME154).
  • amit butola
    14 Aug 2013 6:25 am
    Realized quite late that I had not been very clear in my last query.

    Yes it is a subcontracting scenario and item cat being used is "L".