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Configure a Parent Child Relation for a Material

Updated May 18, 2018

We have got a scenario where we want to configure a material as parent and several materials under this as its child.
The parent material is stockable item Child items are only used at the time printing invoices and are nto sockable.


  • 19 Aug 2013 7:45 am Sushma
    For conversation sake i want to start that in SAP MM there is no Parent Material child relationship with the child as no value. As for my understanding, there's only Material and Component relation. This is the same in SAP Retail.

    You can check inside MMR a place where you can enter your "child Material" as a additional text.

    to make it clear, can you state here the cycle scenario (with TCodes). Printing Invoices means Vendor Invoice?
  • 19 Aug 2013 7:46 am amit butola

    Thanks for the response. Am new to SAP and just feeling around.

    Our business is trading.

    I am giving a brief of the requirement

    10101 Copper ? stock is maintained.
    10101001 Birch cliff as per ISRI ? No stock is maintained.
    List can go on upto ?..10101999.

    Buying activity is only on 10101

    When Sales contract is made it is 10101001
    When delivery is made it is of 10101
    When Sales invoice is made it is of 10101001

    For this we have to maintain a relationship

    Thought of using product hierarchy but am not sure of this.
  • 19 Aug 2013 7:46 am Sushma
    Just Remember in Product hierarchy you can only assign mat. 10101 to a single prod. hierarchy. So i think Product hierarchy cannot solved your issue.

    Example of Product Hierarchy:

    You define a product hierarchy with the following levels:

    Level Example Description
    1 00005 Electrical goods
    2 00003 Wet appliances
    3 00000001 Washing machine

    In this case, a washing machine belongs to the product hierarchy 000050000300000001.
  • 19 Aug 2013 7:46 am amit butola
    I was just researching is there a way I can maintain multiple sales text.
    1 material having many sales text.

  • 19 Aug 2013 12:45 pm Sushma
    I think the best way is to have a separate sales development. You can do your company's requirement from the sales module that was developed and a background process of outbound from Sales module to Production client will be executed.

    Meaning from sales you can use number like 10101001 but during background process the original material number 10101 will be processed.