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Create Equipment in SAP

This tutorial explains step-by-step details to create new equipment in your SAP system. This tutorial has a proper screenshot of all the steps needed to create new equipment.

Important Equipment T-codes

  • IE01 - Creating equipment
  • IE02 - Changing equipment
  • IE03 - Displaying equipment
  • IE4N - Installation and Dismantle equipment

SAP Menu PATH to Create Equipment

In the SAP Easy Access, menu navigate to following

SAP Menu > Logistic > Equipment and Tool Management > Master data > Equipment > Create


How to Create Equipment in SAP?

Please follow the steps below to create new equipment in your SAP system:

Enter t-code IE01 in the SAP command field and press Enter to execute it. Or you can navigate through the SAP Easy Acess path as shown above


Now on the next screen enter the Equipment id and equipment Valid on

Next, choose the Equipment Category according to your equipment and press Enter to proceed

Equipment catageory

Now on the next screen enter a short description of the new equipment in the Description field


Next under the General tab enter the General Data according to your requirements

General data

Now go to the Location tab and enter the Location Data


Scroll down to the Address section and provide the address details if required


Now go to the Warranty tab and enter the Customer as well as Vendor warranty validity details


You can fill up other details about the new equipment according to your needs.

equipment details

Once all the information are filled up click on the Save button to save the new equipment


You have successfully created equipment is created in your SAP system.

Equipment created