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Create T-code for Web Dynpro in SAP ABAP

This tutorial explains step by step procedure to create a t-code for Web Dynpro in SAP ABAP. This tutorial will help the ABAP beginners working with SAP ABAP in the SAP system.

How to Create T-code for Web Dynpro in SAP ABAP?

Please follow the steps below to create a t-code for webdynpro in SAP ABAP:

Execute t-code SE93(Transaction Maintenance) in the SAP command field.


Next, enter the name of the new t-code (up to 20 characters) and click the Create button.


On the next screen enter a short meaningful description for the new t-code.

Short Text

Next, select Transaction with parameters (parameters transaction) and click OK to proceed.

Transaction with parameter

On the warning, popup box click Continue to proceed.


Now in the Transaction field enter WDYID and select the Skip initial screen option.


Next press F4 to add necessary entries to the Default Value table.

default values

Once all is done click the Save button to save the t-code.


Enter the Package name and click the Save icon


Now select the Transportation Request id and press Enter to proceed.

Transaction Id

You will see a message Transaction Code STECH saved.

T-code saved

You have successfully created a t-code for Web Dynpro in SAP ABAP. 

Click the Test or press the F8 icon to test the new t-code STECH.