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Create Transport Request using Function Module

This tutorial explains step by step procedure to create a transport request with a task using the function  module. A function module TR_INSERT_REQUEST_WITH_TASKS available in the SAP system can be used to create transport requests with task. Let check it out:

How to Create Transport Request using Function Module?

Please follow the steps below to create a transport request using the function module:

Execute t-code SE37 in the SAP command field


Next, enter the FM name TR_INSERT_REQUEST_WITH_TASKS in the Function Module field.

Function Module

Now click the Execute icon from the above.


On the next screen enter IV_Type (Request Type) IV_Text and IV_Owner as shown in the image below

Note: Request Type can be W- workbench & K- Customized  



In table IT_USERS you can add the user name for which you want to create tasks:



Now once again press the Execute icon.


Transport Request is successfully created with task

TR created

Click the Save Data Record button to dave the data

On the popup screen add Comment and click Copy button to proceed


Now you can go to t-code SE01 and check this new created request