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Custom Fields Update in Grant Master Having BAPI Extension of More Than 960 Characters

amit butola || 14 Aug 2013 11:12 am || 0


I got requirement to update the Custom Fields in Grant Master.
BAPI Extension "BAPIPAREX" Structure has fields VALUEPART1, VALUEPART2, VALUEPART3 and VALUEPART4 and its total length is 960.
It is updating the data successfully into SAP.
But there are so many custom fields in my Structure and its length is around 1600 where as the BAPI Extension "BAPIPAREX" Structure length is only 960.
Let me know how to udpate the remaining fields using the Standard BAPI.
Tried to enhance the "BAPIPAREX" Structure, but stnd SAP is throwing error that enhancement to this structure is not possible.

Thanks in Advance.