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New Layout in SAP

This tutorial explains step by step process to create a new customized layout in SAP using t-code SE16N.

What is Layout in SAP?

A layout is a standard functionality of SAP that is available for every SAP ABAP ALV.

Pre-conditions for Creating a Customized Layout

  • A fully installed SAPGUI 
  • An access to the SAP System 
  • Authorization to SE16N 

How to Create a Layout in SAP?

Please follow the steps below to create a new customized layout:

Enter t-code SE16N in the command field and Execute it.


Next enter a table name in Table field.

Table Name

Now click on the Online icon


On the next screen click on Layout button and then Choose Layout

Choose Layout

Next enter Layout name and description in Layout field and Name field respectively

Name and description

Now once you click on the Continue button or press Enter you will be able to load the new customized layout from database.