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How to find out the CUSTOMS REPORTS in sap.

SYED AFZAL UDDIN || 05 May 2013 4:40 pm || 1

Good day Experts,

We have developed many reports, but i don't no, please help me to find out (tcode step by step)  the developed reports in SAP


  • 11 Jun 2013 8:20 am
    In SE80--> give your custom package > display> that will display all objects under custom development

    Or you can do this way to retrieve the same ..

    select * from TADIR into table it_tadir where OBJ_NAME like 'Z%' .

    U'll have to take use of the std SAP sys tables : TADIR or TRDIR.

    And use the appropriate category to find all the Z-reports existing in your system.