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How to debug a POP-UP window in SAP ABAP ?

Updated Feb 20, 2024

Pop-up boxes, often encountered during software interaction, present a hurdle to conventional debugging techniques. Unlike regular dialog boxes where the command line interface is accessible, pop-up boxes lack this feature, making it difficult to initiate debugging directly.

Debugging is an essential tool in the arsenal of any programmer or software developer. It helps identify and rectify errors in code, ensuring smoother functionality and improved performance. However, debugging can become a challenge when faced with pop-up boxes that obstruct access to the command line interface. In such scenarios, traditional debugging methods may not suffice. Here, we present a simple workaround to enable debugging in pop-up boxes, allowing for efficient error analysis and resolution.

How to debug in SAP when a popup box interrupts your flow?

Please follow the steps to enable debugging when faced with a pop-up box:

Open Notepad or any text editor and paste the following code to create debugging file::



2. Save the File:

Save the file with a suitable name, such as "debug.txt" or "debug.bat". The filename is optional, but it's recommended to choose a recognizable name for ease of use.

3. Trigger Debugging:

When confronted with a pop-up box during software interaction, locate the saved debugging file on your computer (typically on your desktop or a designated folder).

4. Activate Debugging:

Drag and drop the debugging file onto the pop-up box. This action will trigger the debugging process, allowing you to analyze errors and inspect the code associated with the pop-up box.

With the debugging activated, you can now examine the underlying code, identify potential issues, and implement necessary fixes to address the error.