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Define Condition Tables

This tutorial explains the process to Define Condition Tables in SAP with proper screenshots, but before that, you must know the definition of Condition tables.

What are Condition Tables?

Condition table is a group/combination of condition records which contains single or multiple condition keys and data part. A condition record is a record that is created in the SAP system to store the specific condition.


A sales department of any organization defines condition records for customer-specific product prices. SAP has a standard default condition table 005 for this specific purpose.

Table 005 contains the following key:

  • Sales organization
  • Distribution channel
  • Customer
  • Material

Define Condition Tables

Please follow the steps below to define condition tables:

Step-1: Execute t-code V/03 in the SAP command field


Step-2: Now, Provide the new table id and press Enter to proceed

Condition table id

Step-3: On the next screen, click on Propose/Maintain button to add a short description of the table.

Table description

Step-4:Next click and choose the required fields from (FieldCatlg) section.

Field catlog

Step-5: Next click on the Generate icon to generate the new table.

Generate button

Step-6: Click on the option Yes for confirmation.

Click Yes button

Step-7: Next assign the Package and click on the Save icon to save the new condition table.

Assign Package

Step-8: Your new condition table is generated successfully, you can see its status in the status bar.

Status bar