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How to define Material Groups?

Material Group is a method of categorising materials having the same attributes. Inside material types we can divide products into different material groups.

For e.g we can divide material type kurta into different material groups such as all the cotton kurta into cotton groups, denim kurta into denim groups, silk kurta into silk groups. etc.

Steps to define Material Group

Step 1: On SAP Easy Access screen on the command box type T.code OMSF


Enter T.code SPRO in the SAP command box.

Step 2: On the Customizing: Execute Project screen click on SAP Reference IMG tab.

Step 3: On Display, IMG screen follow the below path to Define the Material Groups

Logistics-General -> Material Master -> Setting for Key Field -> Define Material Groups

Step 4: On Change View “Material Groups”: Overview screen click on New Entries button.

Step 5: On  New Entries: Overview of Added Entries screen make entries for the following field:

  1. Matl Group: Type here the name of the material group for example WC.
  2. Material Group Desc.: Type here the description of the material group which you create for example WIRE AND CABLES.

Press the Save button.

Now your material group WC is successfully created.

Step 7: On  Change View “Material Groups”: Overview screen click on the Position tab.

Step 8: On Another Entry, screen selects the Material Group as WC and press the tick button.

Step 9: On Change View “Material Groups”: Overview screen, you can see the Matl Group WC  is created successfully.