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Dependent Requirements (DepReqs) without Order of Planning

Updated May 18, 2018

The requirement of Dependent that exists in Stock/Requirements list in MD04 where order of parent plan is exists is the place of issue.
The requirement of Simulative Dependent exists in Stock/Requirements listing for long term planning in MS04 where order of parent plan does not exist. 
The requirement of Dependent for Subcontracting that appears in Stock/Requirements listing in MD04 after being completed or deleted the requirements of Pegged. 

The above requirements develop an unnecessary element receipt during plan run. 


  • 01 Jun 2016 5:32 pm Abhijeet Mudgal Best Answer

    The above problems occurs due to 1 or 3 reasons:

    1. Deletion of planned order.

    While a parent planned order is deleted but there is an existence of dependent requirements. Planned order numbers are being shown in MRP element data for required dependent. Instead a planned order is not able to be changed. An attempt made to this give an error message of 61 003.  
    'Planned order ... does not exist'.

    It is need to find the cause of inconsistency. Why the parent planned order is created or changed or deleted. Can this problem be reproduced again? Creating a massage of OSS in components of PP-MRP to contain all relevant information is present. For analysis use the SAP support packages which helps to give ABAP report that allows for safely removal of incorrect dependent requirement. 

    2. Reprocessing the record for Repetitive Manufacturing (REM) backflush. 

    This is the case where there is no plan for order number is being displayed in MRP data elements. The string 'NProc' is being displayed. This explains that dependent requirements are reprocessing the records for movement of goods that is failed while the REM is backflush.


    The reprocessing records are to be removed via transaction of MF47 or from COGI. 

    3. Complete or delete the requirements of pegged.

    The possibility is that the program which has existing errors is caused due to inconsistency. 

    When this requirements are present in a system where no requirement for pegged is existing. It is a collective note that is lists the correct notes existing. The correct notes are to be applied to the related problem which is valid for current patch level release. After this create the OSS message in components of PP MRP. Then outline problems in detail where the notes have been applied. This is the point where the SAP support package will provide ABAP reports for removing incorrect requirements.