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Difference between Interactive Report and Interactive ALV

Updated May 19, 2018

What is the difference between interactive report and interactive alv? Suppose I have been given certain program then how I will diffrentiate that this program should be done in interactive alv or interactive report. 

Interactive Report vs. Interactive ALV

Both are same except the way the output is shown. it depends on how the user needs the report.

If you have too many fields to be displayed on the screen then normal report will show only 255 chars and the next chars will be shown in the next line.

To avoid such instances we go for alv report wherein we can display too many fields in a single row.

Interactive Report means an output list which displays basic details & allow user to interact, so that a new list is populated based on user-selection. With interactive list, the user can actively control data retrieval and display during the session.

I suggest to use ALV. by using ALV we can display in Grid as well as list format.

Output format will be good. Sorting, Filtering facilities are provided by itself. We can have column headings also.