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Difference between At Selection Screen and At Selection Screen Output

Updated May 18, 2018

At Selection Screen vs At Selection Screen Output

What is the difference between at selection screen on field and at selection screen output?


  • 20 Jan 2015 4:08 pm Sonia Barwar Best Answer

    In ABAP Development we came across the two terms or fields called as At Selection Screen and At Selection Screen Output. Both of them are different and perform the different tasks which is given below:

    At Selection Screen: This statement or event used to check that which values are entered by the user to the field of selection screen and this process is called as data validity checking. In this event as user submit the values and clicks over execution button then this event got provoke.

    At Selection Screen Output: This event accomplished at PBO of the selection screen each time when user press ENTER in diversity to Initialization. So, this event is not best suited to set selection screen default values. 

  • 21 Jul 2017 2:32 pm Rohit Mahajan Helpful Answer

    At selection-screen output is triggered when the selection screen is loaded in memory before being displayed. 

    The event AT SELECTION-SCREEN is the basic form of a whole series of events that occur while the selection screen is being processed.

    The standard selection screen in an executable program or in the logical database linked to it is automatically called between the INITIALIZATION and START-OF-SELECTION events. 

    When you call the selection screen, and when users interact with it, the ABAP runtime environment generates selection screen events, which occur between INITIALIZATION and START-OF-SELECTION.