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Difference between Indian Payroll and US Payroll

Indian Payroll Vs. US Payroll 

These are the differences between Indian and U.S payrolls:

SAP has given country specific payrolls for more than 40countries Each country specific version is called country version. Every country has a country specific payroll driver and pay roll schema based on modular international payroll driver and schema. When sap says country version it includes country specific civil, tax laws, contributory and other tax laws (all these details are populated in the country specific info types).

Some of them are:

- Personnel data -address-6, bank details-7, personal data-2, challenges-4 etc..
- Actions -0000 info type
- Organizational data
- Contractual and contract agreements - Company Instructions info type 0035 , Corporate Function 0034 ) Etc.,

So when you run a payroll for a specific country, besides general information valid for the international pay roll, one needs to enter specific details in the particular info types for example if you are running U.S pay roll you need enter SSN no. to uniquely identify an employee in the info type 0002-personal data.

Besides the common infotypes these are some of the U.S pay roll specific infotypes that one has to configure in U.S pay roll.

- Garnishment Order - Info type 019
- Creating a Garnishment Order - Info type 0195
- Changing a Garnishment Order - Info type 0195
- Garnishment Document - Info type 0194
- Garnishment Adjustment - Info type 0216
- IRS Mandates - Info type 0161
- Residence Tax Area - Info type 0207
- W-4 Withholding Information - Info type 0210
- Creating Withholding Overrides - Info type 0234
- Creating State or Local Withholding Information - Info type 0210
- Creating Withholding Overrides -Info type 0234
- Creating an Employee’s Work Tax Area - Info type 02O8
- Unemployment State - Info type 0209
- Taxes - Info type 0235
- US Tax Payroll Info types - 0446 – 0457
- US Benefits Payroll Info type - 0496 – 0501.

Indian pay roll besides common info types, uses specific info types from 0580 to 0590 and 0045 (loans infotype) -- these info types will capture the data related to all the major components of Indian pay roll.