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Difference between Type Table and Type Standard Table

Updated Jul 04, 2018

Type Table vs Type Standard Table


What is the difference between TYPE TABLE or TYPE STANDARD TABLE ?

Any Suggestion Please.


  • 07 Aug 2014 8:55 am rekha Helpful Answer

    Both table type and standard table type are used for internal table creation but with 'type standard table of' we can only refer standard table like vbak, vbap etc. whereas 'type table of' refers customised tables that we creating by taking some selected fields of stanardard table(s).

    Table type are use create work area where as standard table table type means creates structure and work area both.



  • 04 Jul 2018 9:36 am dharamveersingh Helpful Answer

    Both the Type Table and Type Standard Table statements are used to get same Standard Internal table because in case if we don't specify the table type, the SAP ABAP system by default takes it as a Standard table.

    Therefore If the user wants the table to be Sorted type then declaration will be done via using the command below:

    Data : itab type sorted/hashed table of <type>.