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Doubts in Module Pool in Table Control Wizard.

Nitesh Singh || 03 Apr 2015 12:28 pm || 0

Hello Experts,

I Have 2 doubts in module pool in table control wizard.

1) Doubt1 : while creating table control wizard sroll check box is in display mode [ how can i check sir because it is in display mode]. i created 2 or 3 programs for table control wizard but all the times it is showing scroll check box is in display mode. i think scroll check box should be in change mode, how to make it to change mode.

2) doubt2 : when i press enter key in o/p table control wizard , all the rows are becoming into display mode , actually i need to enter data in those rows. please help me. how to make those rows editable even i press enter key in o/p tabe control wizard?

Thanks in advance.