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Draw Border in Smartforms

Updated May 18, 2018

In templates and tables to color the background of individual cell and creating box lines for each cell boxes and shading is used. Highlighting sum of any particular cell or heading boxes and shading is used. It gives a unique appearance to the cell highlighting the main aspects to reflect easily.

Using table painter enables you to adjust boxes and shading for template. Being static in structure the boxes and shading reflect on the form as they appear on the table painter and shows that setting or adjusting boxes and shading are independent of the line type. 

Specifying the boxes and shading for tables are dependent on the line type which shows that line types which are reflected in sequence in the table painter is no consequence. Each individual line type is manifested in the table painter and is printed with appropriate table content.

Depending upon your printer colored boxes is printed in selected color. Changing the saturation setting enables you to print the colored box with shades of grey in a black and white printer. 

  • To copy the patterns of boxes and shading you can use select pattern.
  • For lines type if you are in change mode you can use activated.
  • To reflect a box or shading you can use display box/shading.
  • With an optional step you can select a pattern using select option.