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SAP for B.E or (EEE) Electrical Engineer

I am an electrical engineer and i am interested in SAP and having one plus year of experience in maintenance then how could i switch to sap?

Which sap module will best suit me?


  • 28 Apr 2016 3:12 pm Shalesh Singh Best Answer

    Hello dear,

    For an Electrical Engineer I would like to suggest BW (Business Warehousing), EC (Enterprise Controlling), SEM (Strategic Enterprise Management Software), IM (Investment Management) and Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) Modules which are good as per future point of view. Rest depends upon his interest and choice. 
    By clicking the below given useful link one can explore more module choices for him as per his educational background :

    And to know that what is the future scope and benefits of SAP EC (Enterprise Controlling) in regards of salary, placement and job profile after certification click the following link:

    After deciding right module you need to search the SAP Institute for ceritfication in that particular module then you can click the following link for your closest Authorised SAP Institute:

  • 02 May 2013 5:18 am rekha Helpful Answer

    According to me you may choose SAP PM (Plant and Maintenance) module as you are an Electronics Engineer you are probably involved with the maintenance activities.

    However before deciding on the module you can meet the SAP trainers and get an overview of the modules available. Since you have said that you did your Engineering in Electrical stream, I suggest you that the following modules of SAP may suite you correctly. SAP MM (Materials Management), SAP PM, SAP PP, SAP QM. To take any Functional module, you need to have a minimum of 2-3 years of industrial experience in the relevant business function. You need to be strong in programming concepts to take the technical module of SAP.

    Generally recommended to people with minimum 1-2 years of technical experience. So you should be theoretically as well as practically both ways must be an Above Average.

  • 29 Sep 2013 3:32 pm amey raut
    I have 1 and half year experience in Building automation in project field and 1 & half years experience in service & i have completed the B-Tech Degree, so please suggest witch module is suitable for me in SAP.i am really confuse about selection of module between PS & BASIS. i am looking for PS module but some of my friend who is in sap field told me that PS meant for people who have some sort of SAP experience then there may be issue in getting job due to lack of experience in SAP. Is it correct? One more thing if I go for basis & after getting the some sort of experience in basis SAP then I can internally transfer to PS or again I have to do the PS module course.