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Error FF713 Tax Code XX does not Exist for TAXINN

Updated May 18, 2018

Hello Experts,

I am getting an Error FF713 "TaxCode XX does not exist for TAXINN". How do I proceed?

Kindly share your views here.

Thanks in advance.


  • 07 Jan 2016 12:20 pm Abhijeet Mudgal Best Answer

    Please Ensure that the following steps are carried out -

         1. Insert the condition table A003 in your access sequence one above the last step. DO NOT MARK IT AS EXCLUSIVE.

         2. Create new set of TAX codes if you need to use the same for FI transactions only .Then maintain entries in A003 (Condition access sequence MWST) via FTXP. Pure MM purpose taxcodes (Condition record maintained via FV11 and access sequence without A003) cannot be used in FI, as table A003 is not available.

         3. If you use TAXINN and table A003, maintain condition records for these tax codes using the table A003, through FV11 with the appropriate tax percentage. This can be a zero percentage also.

         4. If you use CIN, make sure to assign the tax code to company code in the below path:
    SPRO > Logistics General > Tax on Goods Movement > India > Basic Settings > Determination of Excise Duty > Condition Based Excise Determination > Assign Tax code to company code.
    Ensure that the same is maintained for your TAXINN tax procedure under CIN customization for '"Maintain Excise Defaults". If the problem persists, go to FTXP and create the same tax code. The issue will be resolved.

         5. If you use CIN, in table J_1IEXCDEFN, the conditions must be correctly and uniquely classified. The condition names must be unique, since multiple conditions cannot have the same name.

         6. Read through the below SAP Notes as well.

           952289- CIN: General clarifications for Tax Procedure TAXINN         
           822347- Taxes Configuration for VAT Solution(TAXINN)          
           832439- Assigning Condition name to new VAT Condition types