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Purchase Order Change and Goods Receipt in Purchasing Interview Questions

Updated May 18, 2018

Q1. A goods receipt was posted for a purchase order. You then want to make other changes in the purchase order. What may be changed?

If follow-on documents already exist for a purchase order, changing the purchase order is generally a problem. Therefore, you should consider the changes and the possible consequences carefully. If possible, it is better for you to create a new purchase order.

Q2. A goods receipt has already been completed for a purchase order item. Can a deletion indicator be assigned to this purchase order item? What happens if delivery costs are provided for the purchase order items in question?

In this case, the purchase order item can be provided with the deletion indicator, if either all subsequent documents created for the purchase order item (goods receipts, invoice receipts) were cancelled again, or if the item has already been settled completely, that is, if the invoices for the goods reciepts have been posted and if there are no remaining open items or differences.

This also applies if delivery costs are planned for the purchase order item. In this case, completely settled means that the corresponding settlements are made for the delivery costs. If you can also delete purchase order items in other cases, this is an error and it can be corrected using 157602. (affected releases 3.1I, 40B and 45B, more detailed information is contained in the ). : If the delivery costs are not to be settled, but are only taken into account when goods are received, the conditions you select for the purchase order items should not be of type 'B' and should not be provisions.

The deletion indicator is particularly important for archiving. In the above case, it initially only means that the purchase order item is flagged for deletion. Only the whole order can actually be deleted, and only if all items in the purchase order are flagged for deletion .

Q4. Is it still possible to change the net price of a purchase order item after a goods receipt has been executed?

Yes, the net price can still be changed in the purchase order after the execution of a goods receipt or invoice receipt so that price changes for a material that occurred in the meantime can be included.

However, when you execute the change you must be careful. In any case you should check whether this change possibly requires that you cancel follow-on documents. In particular, bear in mind that if you run a new price determination during goods receipt (meprf=5), any changes made to the cancellation after the goods receipt causes the system to run a new price determination. For more information on this, see 508009 and 456691, question 17.

A new price determination is no longer possible after the goods receipt has occurred. That is, if for example, you work with new price determination for the goods receipt and WE-related invoice verification and you change the purchase order price after the goods receipt, the 'old' price in the goods receipt is used in the bill.
If you do not want this to happen, you can cancel the goods receipt, post with the new price and then this is considered in the invoice. Also consider FAQ 456691 for questions regarding the price determination. If you have questions concerning a price change in connection with a change of the IR indicator, see also 363173. If there are conditions (for example discounts) that are included in the net price, you cannot change the net value on the overview screen in the purchase order (this is no longer possible after you create the purchase order). It is only possible to change the individual conditions, including PB00, on the condition detail screen.

Q5. Is it possible to still change the gross price for purchase order items with pricing date category '5' (new price determination for goods receipt) manually after a goods receipt has been executed in the purchase order?

Yes. However, you have to refer to 444708 and 509332, if the system then no longer determines the price from the info record for the next goods receipt or the system does not post a shipment cost document.

Q6. Is it possible to change the account assignment category or the data for the account assignment (for example, account, cost center) of a purchase order item after a goods receipt?

The account assignment category itself can no longer be changed after follow-on documents have been posted. The system displays error message ME 458 (ME458). If this does not happen, then there is a program error that can be corrected with 163428 or 382916 (if parked invoices are the only follow-on documents, implement 489342 if the error message is not issued correctly). Implement these s - if they have not yet been implemented in R/3 Support Packages - as otherwise errors may occur during internal processing of data when follow-on documents are posted (in particular if documents are canceled). Whether the data for the account assignment (such as account, cost center) can still be changed after follow-on documents have been posted, depends on the account assignment category used and can be specified in Customizing (Transaction OME9). If the 'Acct.asst.changeable' (depending on Release) flag is set there for the corresponding account assignment category, the data for the account assignment can also be changed again in the purchase order after goods receipt or invoice receipt. This also applies, of course, to the data in individual lines of the multiple account assignment. However, bear in mind that you should carefully consider every subsequent change in the purchase order. If there are differences between Transaction ME22 and ME22N regarding the changeability of the account assignment category, refer to 374554. For problems with the 'Acct.asst.changeable' flag with reference to a service order, refer to 306528.

Q7. Is it possible to change or add delivery costs in the purchase order after a goods receipt has been executed?

No, this should not be possible. The system generates error message V1631 'You cannot enter new delivery costs' (V1631). Important: If your system does not behave in the manner described, this is an error that can be corrected using s 187694 and 196884. This affects the earlier Support Packages of Release 31I, 40B, 45B and 46B (you will find more detailed information in the two s mentioned).

For the changeability of delivery costs after an invoice receipt, see 651798 and 720191, or 549408. The existence of held delivery cost invoice documents must be checked manually and has to be considered. Delivery costs must not be entered again or changed if all follow-on documents were cancelled for the purchase order item, unless there were no delivery costs for the posted documents. Otherwise there is no guarantee that continued processing will run without errors. If you change the Customizing for existing delivery costs, the system does not read this either in a purchase order with an existing goods receipt. The new Customizing settings only take effect when you create a new purchase order. Of course, the condition values of time-dependent conditions can still be changed even after a goods receipt has occurred. See question four for information on how to change the master condition values.

Please : The restrictions on changing delivery costs as described above have only been developed over time. This is not due to changed functions, rather previously we did not know that making changes could sometimes lead to subsequent irreparable errors. In particular, when you post invoices for delivery costs, the logic considers delivery costs that have already been posted (even if they have since been cancelled) AND the data for delivery costs from the database (as displayed in the purchase order).
During processing, you have no way of knowing if this information is no longer compatible, nor any way to discover the cause, and this leads to incorrect processing.

You should therefore proceed as follows: If delivery costs were entered incorrectly, you must cancel all related purchase order items (reverse all documents) and enter a new purchase order item with the correct delivery costs. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that further processing will be correct. If your delivery costs are changed regularly, you should use master conditions.

Additional : If you have manually changed or maintained conditions in the purchase order, under certain Customizing settings when you run a new price determination after a goods receipt, a condition may be determined twice. For more information, see 456691, question 26.

Q8. Is it possible to change the currency in the purchase order after a goods receipt has been executed?

No, this should not be possible. The system generates Message 06 489: 'Currency cannot be changed after goods receipt' (Release 4.0) or 'Currency can no longer be changed' (Release 4.5). If your system behaves differently, check whether 311129 was implemented to correct the system response. If no currency update is executed (which may occasionally be the case) , you can change the currency later (the system does not display an error message). However, you should consider carefully if such a change is useful or required here.

Q9. What does the inward delivery completed indicator mean and where can I set it manually?

You can set the inward delivery completed indicator if you do not expect any additional goods receipts - even if the quantity ordered was not delivered completely. Since it is still possible that another delivery may arrive for the purchase order in question, when you try to post another goods receipt for the purchase order, the system may propose the remaining quantity instead of the ordered quantity. However, the system does not propose the goods receipt indicator in this case, rather you must set it manually.

If the purchase order has been completely delivered, you cannot post any further goods receipts.

In general, the "delivery completed" indicator is set directly in the purchase order. This is, of course, only possible if at least one goods receipt has been posted. Otherwise the indicator is automatically removed during the next goods receipt. If you want the goods receipt processor to set the "delivery completed" indicator, but you do not want the processor to have authorization to change the purchase order, the indicator can also be set in the goods receipt.

Q10.Is it possible to post a valuated goods receipt for a purchase order with multiple account assignment?

No, this is not supported. The system generates error message 06 417 'With multiple acct. assignment, enter GR non-val. or cancel GR'. Individual values can only be distributed to the different account assignment objects when you post the invoice. For further information about this, refer to 204252.

Q11.I want to use a report to set the 'Goods-receipt-based invoice verification' indicator subsequently in purchase orders that have already been created. Do you recommend this procedure?

NO. Even before you post the follow-on documents, you should not use this procedure. It inevitably leads to follow-on errors because of mutual field relationships. In our experience, we know that some other customers have had to invest a lot of time and energy into correcting follow-on errors.

Q12.Is it still possible to change the 'Goods-receipt-based invoice verification' indicator manually after you have posted follow-on documents?

No, this should not be possible. If this was possible in your system, especially if such a change was d in the change documents with Transactions ME22N or ME21N, the change was probably carried out indirectly by changing the reference documents. To prevent this from happening, implement s 431213 and 441759 as well as 570321.

Refer also to s 494376 and 587759 with respect to this when working with the invoice parking (Transaction MIR7).

The only case in which the indicator can still be changed after posting follow-on documents is if all follow-on documents were cancelled again and no delivery costs were involved in the follow-on documents.

To find purchase orders in your system for which the indicator can still be changed subsequently (that is, after you have posted follow-on documents), you can implement the check report contained in 550163. You MUST first consult with Development Support.

Q13. Can the indicators for expected goods receipt or expected invoice receipt, and the indicator for non-valuated goods receipt, subsequently be changed?

In principle, the logic is the same as for the indicator for goods receipt-based invoice verification (see questions 10 and 11). In addition to the s mentioned there, check whether 587759 has been implemented in your system to avoid this error in the future ( 587759 fills the gap for parked invoices). See 584232 for information about updating change documents for the 'Goods Receipt, Non-Valuated' indicator.

Q14. Is it still possible to change the freight vendor after a goods receipt or invoice receipt has been executed?

Yes, the freight vendor can be changed subsequently to accomodate corresponding changes in the process handling (new vendor). However, you cannot check here whether invoices or goods receipts are still open for this vendor. Therefore, you must check whether the goods receipts and the corresponding invoice receipts for delivery costs for the vendor are cleared before you make the change. Otherwise you can no longer delete the corresponding purchase order item or problems can occur, in particular when you post invoices for delivery costs (the system does not propose a vendor, or a held delivery costs document can no longer be processed).


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