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Top 5 Purchasing Info Record Interview Questions and Answers

Updated May 18, 2018

Q1: A net price of 0 is displayed in the info record. Nevertheless a new purchase order automatically receives a price. Where does the price come from?

The price comes from the 'last document' (field EINE-EBELN), menu Environment -> Last document on the 'Purchasing data 1' screen, for example, in Transaction ME13 (Display Info Record).

Read Here SAP Material Management (MM) Transaction Codes.

Q2: You change conversion factors (units of measure) in the material master. Why are the ratios not adjusted in the purchasing info record automatically?

In the purchasing info record, the conversion factors can be maintained different to the material master and variously per plant. SAP recommends that you do noto change the relationships dynamically. If you want to change a ratio, there is also the option of introducing a new unit of measure (for example, for 1 box = 100 KG -> 1 Box_01 = 120 KG). If you require a report adapted to your special requests to adjust the conversion factors in the info record, you must create a message with reference to this note (Component MM-PUR-VM-REC). We will gladly create this report for you. This service is priced separately and we reckon on approximately 1 to 3 days of development depending on the time required.

Q3: How can you transfer purchasing info records via ALE?

All data except for the conditions is transferred with IDocs of message category INFREC. The conditions are transferred with IDocs of message category COND_A.

Q4: Why is it not possible to create several condition validity periods within one transaction call (ME11, ME12)?

The cause is of technical character and is in the design of the SAP condition technique. Unfortunately, you cannot reshape this design afterwards due to reasons of compatibility.
As a consequence, for the creation of an info record with two condition validity periods, for example, you must first create an info record with a period (ME11) and afterwards you must create a further condition validity period (for 3 periods Transaction ME11 would have to be executed once and Transaction ME12 twice) in the change mode (ME12).
In the same way this also applies for the batch input of info records as you use Transactions ME11 and ME12 for this.

Q5: Why does the system sometimes fail to update the data for the last purchase order into the info record even though the info update indicator is set in the purchase order item?

This is the case if the info record is locked for processing when the purchase order is created. The purchase order is nevertheless saved. In transaction ME21/ME22, message 06 311 informs you that the info record is locked when the purchase order is created. For technical reasons, this is not possible in Enjoy transactions.