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How to find the User Exits for the MM01 Transaction code?

Updated May 18, 2018

I want to add a sub screeen in mm02, what is the procedure to find the screen exits in mm01 transaction ....

Generally i came to know about 3 methods to find the user exits for any transaction code 

1.) call customer 

2.) using smod.

3) using se84 tcode..

But using the 3 methods i didnt find any user exits for mm01 transaction code... can any one guide me the correcte way to finc the user exits for any transaction code ... 

Thanks in advance.

Sriram Murthy .I


  • 31 Aug 2012 9:34 am sravanthi Helpful Answer

    Go to Transaction MM01 In MM01

    -Go to SYSTEM Menu

    -Go to STATUS and double click on program ie SAPLMGMM In SAPLMGMM


    - And find package name ie MGA Go to SE84 and expand enhancments-expand customer exits on LHS in RHS provie pakage and execute you will find the exits. 

    MGA00001 : Material Master (Industry): Checks and Enhancements