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Form is printed with incorrect font

Updated May 18, 2018

The system prints a form with an incorrect font even though a different font is entered in the form. In the raw view of the spool request, you can see that a different font is used (FC command).

1. The font family that is used in the form does not exist in the device type. You can call transaction SE73 and select "Printer Fonts" to check this. In addition to the font family, the 'Bold' and 'Italic' indicators are important.
2. The font family does exist but the font size does not. This problem occurs only for those printer fonts that are not scalable.
              In the raw data of the spool request, you can see that the system uses a TrueType font that was previously uploaded instead of the font that is set in the form.

You can use the font replacement function in transaction SE73 to check which printer font the SAP system actually selects for the font that is set in the form.

For 1.) Use the device type in which the required font is implemented.

For 2.) Since the required font does not exist in the device type, font replacement returns to the scalable TrueType font. You can solve the problem by either setting font information that corresponds exactly to the printer fonts in the form or the style (for example, HELVE 9 pt if the printer font HELVE 9 exists) or by using a device type that has scalable fonts. In addition, when you upload the TrueType fonts, you can specify that the font is not to be used for font replacement (see Note 1301018).

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