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How to Form URL for Multiple Pernrs?

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How to Form URL for Multiple Pernrs?

Hello Experts,

I a have small doubt in ow to give sap odata url string for a service.

I created a service with two entity sets one ET_BasicData and ET_ExpericeData. And have a navigation property between these two.

And common property between these two is 'Pernr'. Now when I give the url for single pernr its working fine and i am getting experince details for the one pernr. If i give multiple pernr's its not working.

Can you tell me how to form url for multiple pernrs


  • 28 Sep 2015 6:36 pm

    Using select-options in odata gateway service ( Filter select-options) 

    And apply under entity type choose pernr as filterable tick IO_TECH_REQUEST_CONTEXT is a standard para GAQG0FVPq meter to capture filter & filter select-options also.

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