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Forward Spool Request

One might wonder is it possible to forward the spool request? The answer is definitely yes. Here in this SAP tutorial, you will learn step by step process to forward spool requests.

How to Forward Spool Request?

Please follow the steps below to forward the spool request:

Enter the t-code SP01 in the SAP command field and execute it.


Next, enter the Spool request id you want to forward.


Now click the Execute button at the bottom of the screen.


The following screen will open up, select the spool request.

Now go to Spool Request > Forward > Send using SAPoffice.

forward spool request

On the Recipient Determination screen input the Recipient address, check the Copy checkbox and click the Copy button.

Recipient Determination

Now to check the status of the forward spool request, execute t-code SOST in the SAP command field.


And check the status of the forwarded spool request.


You have successfully forwarded the spool request.