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How to free SAP memory after saving Record?

Updated May 18, 2018

Hi ,

Could you please let me know  , how to free sap memory after saving record successfully for below mentioned scenario.


I've created one customize screen tab inside tcode : bp for all entity person,organisation and group.

I'm getting values from one badi  using get parameter then after i'm setting paramater  in PBO event under customize screen .After that I save all record of BP screen for person .

Again, I create BP for organisation at that time I see again old values under customize screen ,that means old value persist after saving record in customize screen even memory should be free after saving record.

I've tried free memory,delete memory ,and set memory value free.

Please suggest how to resolve this issue asap.




 Download attached file.

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  • 19 Sep 2013 4:36 am rekha Helpful Answer

    You have to clear memory with FREE or SET to space. But not only your own memory id (the one exported in BAdI) but also the standard memory ids used by BP transaction (BPA, etc.) Also insure that your custom code for custom tab manages correctly the GET MEMORY ID, and clear/refresh data if the GET MEMORY fails.

    You can SET PARAMETER ID as SPACE for fields or parameter that effects, in PAI for every push button. That means initially you set parameter ID as Space and then write your business logic for each push button.