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What is Function Group and Authorization Group in Table Maintenance

Updated May 18, 2018

Hello Experts,

May I know What is function Group and Authorization Group in table maintenance and what is the use of this two options?

Please assist me.

Thanks in advance.


  • 19 Mar 2018 2:53 pm Romil Tripathi Best Answer

    Authorization Group

    An authorization group comprises of views and tables with similar security requirements. In the Table maintenance dialog, the user maintains the same group for tables which require alike authorizations. For activating authorization, user has to determine an activity for the authorization group in the authorizaton objects S_TABU_DIS & maybe S_TABU_CLI.

    A user can assign authorization groups to tables for avoiding users accessing tables which utilizes general access tools (like transaction SE16). A user not only requires authorization for executing the tool, but should also have permission for authorization for accessing the tables with the relevant group assignments. For this scenario, we deliver tables which come with predefined assignments to the authorization groups. The assignments are clearly listed in table TDDAT; the checked authorization object is S_TABU_DIS.

    The user can assign a table to the authorization group Z000. (Use transaction SM30 for table TDDAT) A user who wants to access this table should have authorization object S_TABU_DIS in his or her profile with the value Z000 in the field DICBERCLS (authorization group for ABAP Dictionary objects).

    Function Group

    A Function Group is a primarily a collection of function modules which shares global data with each other. When an ABAP/4 program encompasses of a CALL FUNCTION statement, at runtime the system loads the entire function group in with the program code. Each function module belongs to a function group.

    Just like executable programs and module pools, the function groups, comprise of screens (lits and selection screens) as components. The User input is processed either in the dialog modules or in the corresponding event blocks in the main program of the function group. There are special programs which are included in which the user can write this code. In this manner, a user can utilize the function groups for encapsulating the single screens or the screen sequences.