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Web Dynpro ABAP General and Browser specific restrictions

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Web Dynpro ABAP General and Browser specific restrictions

General restrictions apply for Web Dynpro ABAP:

  • No mobile device/ Smartphone support. Exceptions for iPad in newer s
  • No SAP GUI integration:  The use of Web Dynpro ABAP applications inside SAP GUI is not supported due to technical restrictions which may inhibit the correct behavior of applications under some circumstances.
  • No SAP GUI dynpro support:  Calling classic SAP GUI based dynpros by SAP Web Dynpro ABAP is not supported, neither directly, e.g. via CALL SCREEN, nor indirectly via CALL TRANSACTION, SUBMIT REPORT etc.  that from NetWeaver 7.0 SP12 onwards, if a Dynpro is called, there is no longer a program dump. Instead, an exception is raised in the associated internal mode. that in an input help, an error message is displayed accordingly, so that the application can be continued.

Browser specific restrictions

  • Internet Explorerer is supported from NW7.00 on
  • Firefox is supported from NW 7.00 on. Firefox is not supported in 7.10
  • The Safari browser is supported for MacOS from NW 7.02 on.: See Product Availablility Matrix (PAM): and SAP 1634749: "Safari browser for end user and administrators".
  • The Chrome browser is supported for MacOS from NW 7.02 on: See Product Availablility Matrix (PAM): and SAP 1655306: "Google Chrome for end users and administrators".

Restrictions for Web Dynpro ABAP

UI elements

  • The following UI elements of the PATTERN library are not supported: ContextualPanel, NavigationList, FreeContextualPanel and ViewSwitch.
  • The action onAction is not supported for TableColumnGroups.
  • The UI element Table is not supported within TablePopins or RowRepeaters .
  • Table: High numbers of rows and columns should be avoided due to possible performance issues on server and client. Especially the setting of visibleRowCount=-1 at the Table UI-Element or in the personalization should be avoided as all rows will be displayed by default. In case of table performance issues you should reduce the amount of visible rows and / or use scrollable columns.

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