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Generate Personal Number in SAP HR (Tcode PA40)

Updated May 18, 2018

Hiring an employee or worker for your organization refers to a generation of personnel number. You ought to initiate an action for hiring an employee you must have to use a Tcode PA40. Action means nothing but it might be referred to Hiring, transferring, leaving, promoting or separating, retiring and there are too many other ways. To do such kind of actions you would have to use the transaction code PA40. Comes under the environment of SAP HR.

If you want to generate the original record or if you want to alter or either you want to remove a record of an info type like IT0006 and so many others you would have to use the Tcode PA40. PA40 transaction is used if you want to alter the master data of an employee that is being working with the organization.

For doing this you must have to configure the actions, You would have to use infogroup menu and IGMOD feature that will further help you to call the infotype or which kind of infotypes will be used after IT00000 and in which sequence. Later ID is already you have to examine the range of numbers that will be further used for creating a new Employee ID, or the ID is already generated before or not. Now you have to go through the Tcode PA04 and to examine the number which is generated or not.

Hope this article might help you for the above issue.