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ASSERTION_FAILED Error While display the dump from ST22

02 Feb 2016 11:05 am || 0

We are getting a runtime error ASSERTION_FAILED happens when display dump details from ST22. The termination occurrs in the ABAP program"SAPLST22_TOOLS" - in "CLASS_CONSTRUCTOR".

Because of the issue we are not able to see the details of the dump, and we find below contens from dev_w* trace:

  • ABAP Program SAPLST22_TOOLS  
  • Source LST22_TOOLSF01  Line xx.
  • Module abassert.c.
  • Function ab_aabAssertionFailedRabax Line xxxx.
  • ** RABAX: level LEV_RX_STDERR completed.
  • The ASSERT condition was violated..

Then we locate where the dump happens from SE38>Program LST22_TOOLSF01 :

dref ?= cl_abap_typedescr=>describe_by_name( 'TYPE=S380CATEGORY' ) fixedvalues = dref->get_ddic_fixed_values( ). -->   assert lines( fixedvalues ) = 15.


The reason that error has occured because Domain S380CATEGORY was not activated properly. Kindly re-activate the domain S380CATEGORY from SE11.