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Sugandh || 16 May 2016 3:44 pm || 2

Hello Experts,

What are the common symptoms of Runtime error DDIC_TYPE_INCONSISTENCY?

How can I get this issue fixed?

Thanks in advance.



  • 16 May 2016 3:47 pm Best Answer

    Jobs, programs or transactions terminate with a runtime error DDIC_TYPE_INCONSISTENCY under certain circumstances.

    Listed below are some of the known sample cases:

    1. For the structure BCONT in the phase XPRAS_UPG in the job RDDEXECL, inconsistency in the ABAP Dictionary
    During the generation of the ABAP program the termination occurred.
    Objects using inconsistent runtime object: SI_BCONTU  -  Nametab without source

    2. For the structure AUFK, inconsistency in the ABAP Dictionary
    Terminate the ABAP program SAPFV45E.
    The CI contains CI_AUFK is partially active.

    3. For the structure SI_FKKOPP, inconsistency in the ABAP Dictionary

    When the ABAP program SAPLFKKC is generated, a termination occurs.
    When checking the program SAPLFKKC via transaction SE38 the same error occurs.
    In the ABAP Dictionary, no inconsistency is displayed in the system when the program SAPLFKKC or the table FKKOP is checked with the program RSNTABCONSISTENCY.

    The amount of components of the structure (NAMETAB component "fldcnt") is specified as ....
    Calculate the actual total number of all components but obtain another value, when expanding all substructures and recursively.

  • 16 May 2016 3:48 pm Helpful Answer

    Use the check program RSNTABCONSISTENCY for the object specified in the dump (table, type, program, class) to analyze, and recognize the inconsistent objects and their causes.

    Check this deep analysis of the consistency also in transaction SE11 by choosing the menu option "Utilities" -> "Runtime Object" -> "Recursive" for tables and structures.

    Runtime objects of structures can be displayed with the function module DD_SHOW_NAMETAB which no longer exist in transaction SE11.

    Proceed in accordance with the cause that has been determined for the solution:

    1. Using the function module DD_NAMETAB_DELETE delete the superfluous runtime object of the include structure from the nametab. Via transaction SE11, activate the table.

    2. Along with a user that has sufficient authorizations activate the inconsistent structures and tables.