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Goods Movements - to Block material from being Goods Issued OR Invoice Posted...but allow for Financial Updates

Updated May 19, 2018

Needing GR to block materials (both stock and non stock) when GR done.  Needs to Update financials (GRIR/Expense) but not allow Invoice to be posted until the goods are released from that blocked stock.  Maybe movement from that stock status would be to a "non financial" block type (if client not keeping goods due to client shipping wrong goods or damage) or could be to blocked stock that has the financials (accrued liabilities).  Could also be transferred out of the valuated blocked stock to Unrestricted Use.

Most of the materials at the client need inspection and that can take a few weeks.  Currently the warehouse process is to NOT receive until inspection complete.  This causes issues with expediting (not knowing if something has been received), vendor performance management, Accrude Liability (which lead to Treasury Management Issues - Cash Management).


GR Blocked Stock won't work because it does not valuate the stock on GR (no GRIR/Accrude Liabilities/Expense Update) does however stop you from GI and posting invoices

Blocked Stock won't work because you can post an invoice here.  However, it does have Financial Updates.

Inspection Stock (where you flag the material master with inspection) only works for Stock Material does allow for invoice posting/payment.  It does, however, do financial updates to GRIR etc.


Perhaps I need a customization (User Exit) to "stop" invoice posting against a "blocked Stock" type...or perhaps to Park It in that status and not ever allow posting in that particular status. We would not be able to do a GI BUT the financials will update.  You would have to do additional movement to post invoice, do GI.  Perhaps the only movement type allowed once in this special blocked stock is "reversal" of original entry OR return to vendor???

Any suggestions/comments etc would be greatly appreciated!


Client did consider QM module and are not interested!