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Goods Recipient field is disabled in MIGO transaction

Updated May 18, 2018

When creating a goods issue using MIGO transaction, the goods recipient field is disabled for user input.
To reproduce the problem, proceed with the following steps.
1. create a goods issue using MIGO Transaction and enter value for material field in the MATERIAL tab and value for quantity field in QTY tab. Do not press enter.
2. Goto WHERE tab, where the user can see the goods recipient field is disabled. Enter values for plant field and storage location and press enter. User can see the Goods recipient field is disabled for input.

The problem occurs because the WEMPF field is a output field in screen SAPLMIGO0200 whereas it both input and output field in
screen SAPLMIGO0325.


The Goods Recipient field is made both input and output enabled in screens SAPLMIGO0200 and SAPLMIGO0325.

Please implement this note to correct the problem.
----------------------------Release 46C------------------------------
Download and import Transport SOGK003141.
The transport files are available on the following servers:
SAPSERVx: ~ftp/specific/isoil/46C/NOTES/Note.0433876/...
The object list for this transport can be found on:
SAPSERVx: ~ftp/specific/isoil/46C/NOTES/Note.contents/SOGK003141.TXT
This transport should only be applied to IS-OIL / IS-MINE system.