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How to read an internal table?

19 Apr 2007 10:34 am || 1

1. READ TABLE itab FROM wa [additions].

2. READ TABLE itab WITH TABLE KEY k1 = v1 ... kn = vn
[ additions].

3. READ TABLE itab WITH KEY k1 = v1 ... kn = vn
[BINARY SEARCH] [ additions].

4. READ TABLE itab INDEX i [additions].

Obsolete Variants

In an ABAP Objects context, a more severe syntax check is performed that in other ABAP areas. See Short forms of line operations not allowed.


Reads an entry from a DS:ABEN.ITAB>internal table, using either its key or its index. The return code SY-SUBRC specifies whether an entry could be read. If you specify a non-unique key (the table must have an NON-UNIQUE key for this to be valid), the system returns the entry with the lowest index from the set of entries that meet the condition.


  • 04 Feb 2013 3:47 pm