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How to set up LX26 for inventory cycle counting

Updated May 18, 2018

Hi there SAP Experts

I have inventory cycle counting for T code LX16 and it seems to work out fine, the only problem is that when we count an isle ,we have multiple storage types and LX16 only allows for single storage type counting thus leaving us with half the bins in that isle counted and half not. We have tried using T code LX26 but receive error msg"CC not maintained in IM"

How can we now set this up so we can input multiple storage types when creating inventory doc's for an entire isle ?

Many Thanks,



  • 18 Jan 2017 3:36 am Guest Best Answer

    When you get the error "CC not maintained in IM" from LX26, you probably don't have an ABCIN code set up for that plant and material in the MARC table. Put a breakpoint on program RM07ICN1, form inventurzyklus_pruefen. Any error coming out of that subroutine will return that error.