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How to update the Blank Business Area to Posted FI Document?

Updated May 18, 2018

Dear All,

Pls tell me how to update Business Area in documents which are posted without entering Business Area field. Pls tell me how to achieve this without using Validations & Substitutions. Any table entries can be maintained for this? Kindly guide.

Also I have tried by developing the Z programm for the Table BSEG, BSIS, FAGLFLEXA

Here the System update the Business Area but No Effect on Amount Field For the std report F.08 , FS10N


Plz guide


Thanks In Advance


  • 04 Jul 2009 5:19 am Guest
    Hi Ankush

    There should not be any Blank BA. Please See if you are on ECC 6.0 then go for at least patch 11.


  • 04 Jul 2009 7:19 am Guest
    Hi Sir,

    I have Check my system , all the support patches are more than 11. & Patch level - SAP_APPL = Logistic & Accounting

    SAPKH60011 is obsolete in my system but at the same time patch no. SAPKH60201 is imported successfully. Is it the Problem with patch number SAPKH60011.?

    Plz guide

    Thanks in advance