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Data Masking Transformation

Updated Jun 27, 2018

How can we Implement Data Masking Transformation?

Hello Experts,

May I know that what is datamasking transformation? Under which scenario one can implement this? Any body having knowledge to share it?

Kindly share your valuable views here, so i can proceed further.

Thanks in advance.


  • 19 Oct 2015 2:36 pm Sugandh Helpful Answer

    It is used to copy Source production data to QA for testing purpose by modifying attribute values. lets say for banking project in order to test all valid scenario with same type of data as present in production.

    EX. username: sarat Kumar mishra will be modified as SMKUMAR.

  • 27 Jun 2018 10:51 am Sonia Barwar Helpful Answer

    Data Masking Tx is used to mask user sensitive data. For example we have a column which holds data like Social Security Number or Credit Card detail. No business would like that this sensitive data be disclosed to anyone as all the business is on trust.Therefore in order to keep user data secure we can use DataMasking Tx.