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SAP HR OM and PA Integration

If you want to connect distinct sub modules of SAP HR you have to use an integration process, this will further help you to comprise the trustworthy data within the system. Personnel administration and organizational management module is the base for all of the SAP HR modules.

Please make sure that all the modules of the SAP-HR are combined with in itself. You must have to use the table T77S0 if you want to integrate them with in the sub modules. 

Next the question arises why to do integration between the PA and OM:

If you want to find out the default for the for the job position organizational unit cost center etc. in IT0001, position is nothing but it is the integration amongst PA and OM.

But for this you have to work on the following steps:

First of all you have to click on IMG then click on PA later OM and after that you have to click on the basic settings and then click on integration and then click on set up integration with PA.

Now you would have to check the table for OM – PA integration which is T77S0, Now you have to set PLOGI ORGA to X which is nothing but an integration switch. If you set them to X it means the integration is switched on either it is switch off. 

There are few reports that are being used in PA and OM integration tools 

If you want to transfer data from PA to OM you would have to RHINTE00 report or if you want to transfer OM data to PA tables you would have to use RHINTE10 report. 

Next if you want to regulate if the data is applicable for integration is accessible in both PA and OM you would have to use a RHINTE20 report. At last if you want to update IT0001 you would have to RHINTE30.

Hope this article might help you for the above issue.