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Intracompany Plant to Plant Stock Transfer Accounting Entries

Updated Aug 22, 2018

Hi Experts,

Please suggest to me in the following.

We had a requirement that the client want to do the Billing activity in Intracompany Stock Transfer. Can you please let me know the possibility and how to achieve this?

Generally in the Intracompany Plant to Plant stock transfer when we use 641 Movement type the entry at the time of Outbound Deliver and PGI will be:
Debit - Inventory FG (Receiving Plant)
Credit - Inventory FG (Sending Plant)
There will be no entry at the time of Proforma Invoice (VL01N)
And at the time of Goods Receipt (MIGO) at receiving plant the there will be no Accounting Entry.
But the Proposed Entries are as follows: (This will be more similar to Sale and Purchase)

1. At the time of PGI:

  • Debit- COGS Account
  • Credit- Inventory FG Account (Sending Plant)

2. During Billing:

  • Debit- Inter Unit Clearing Account (Generally here it should be Customer)
  • Credit- Branch Transfer Account (Generally it would be Revenue account)

3. During MIGO:

  • Debit- Inventory FG Account (Sending Plant)
  • Credit- Change in Stock Account

4. During MIRO:

  • Debit - Branch transfer a/c
  • Credit- Inter Unit Clearing A/c

Later this Inter Unit Clearing Account needs to be Knocked off between the Entry raised during Billing and the entry during MIRO.
Is it possible through Standard SAP? Please suggest. Or is there any alternative methodology to achieve the Accounting effect?



  • 18 Dec 2013 2:01 pm Guest

    How you are expecting the accounting entry in the recieving plant, because value area is same and the transfer is between two plants in the same company code.

    During Intra company transfer you can not get any accounting entries because the trasfer is happens betwwen plant to plant between same company will get a proforma invoice it is the refeence doc.