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Invoicing Job cancelled after System exception ERROR_MESSAGE

Updated May 18, 2018

System issues the error message 00 564: 'Job cancelled after system exception ERROR_MESSAGE' and a invoicing job terminates.

The system fails to catch this exception because a function module in invoicing triggers the ERROR_MESSAGE system exception. There is no rollback occurred after the system cancels the job. This issue can occur with all running invoicing.

For example Error ' EDEREG_INV 204 causes a budget billing request to terminate. When you repeat this process, subsequent problems occur because an entry from the first program run remained in the ECROSSREFNO table.

Please implement the following correction instructions or you can import the relevant Add-On Support Packages in order to reslove this issue:

Correction Instructions

  • Software Component : IS-U/CCS
  • Valid from: 464
  • Valid to: 464
  • Number: 496832

Support Packages & Patches

  • Software Component: IS-U/CCS
  • Release: 464
  • Support Package: SAPKIPUJ25