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Invoice Splitting for Retention Money

Updated Oct 10, 2018

Document Purpose:

To split Retention Money component at the time of Invoice Verification

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Functional Specifications Document

Financial Management

Invoice Splitting for Retention Money

Specification Number: FIN_AP_FUE_001

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Invoice splitting for Retention Money

Document Purpose

To split Retention Money component at the time of Invoice Verification

Key Words

LIV / Retention Money

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Invoice Splitting

John Fernandes

27 Sep


Invoice Splitting


29 Sep



Functional specification

Version: 01
Specification No : FIN_AP_FUE_001

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For concept <Name of Business Owner>
Project Companies

For Implementation:
John Fernandes

Section I: Justification

Area ( Module):


Accounts Payable

Date (dd/mm/yyyy):


Requested by:

Project Companies / John Fernandes

Brief description:

Upon invoice posting, amount is to be split based on payment terms. Split amount need to be posted to different reconciliation account

Program type: (select

Conversion Batch Interface Online Interface Report

the check box)


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Real-Time Batch

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  1. Any Authority checks are required


  1. If any LDB is available? if yes, which screen to use


Report Painter


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Entry files




Sign off – Functional Specification

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John Fernandes




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Ramanathan / Chandramouli


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Section II: (a) Business Requirement (Please use this section for describing the business requirement in detial preferably with flow diagram)

  • General Definition: During Invoice verification (LIV process), based on PO / WO / SO terms, Gross Invoice amount should be split into Net Amount available for release of payment & Retention amount, which should be blocked for payment until request for release of retention money, this amount should be posted to a Special GL A/c and the balance amount should be posted to the Normal Vendor account and be made available for payment processing. Applicable TDS rates and other taxes to be considered on Gross Invoice Amount.
  • Integrative
  • Prerequisites/ master data
  • Processes, process-steps and flows
  • Other Business related requirements
  • Reporting
  • User Interface
  • Others
  • Other requirements
  • Data security requirements
  • Performance requirements
  • Environmental requirements
  • Architectural requirements
  • Authorization requirements [Authorization by the Transaction code, Company Code, Plant, Movement type, should be provided]
  • Upon invoice verification, splitting should be done by system, automatically. Access to over-ride the splitting should be restricted only to super users.

Graphical representation (detailed flow chart)

(b) Detailed Functional Description Concept – Operational Requirements (describe in detail)

GMR’s business process requires to have a check control over the holding & release of retention money to Vendors / Contarctors based on PO/WO/SO terms agreed upon:

  • Vendor Invoice Verification (LIV process) will be done as per Purchase Order (PO) / Work Order (WO) / Service Order (SO) terms.
  • Based on the PO/WO/SO terms, the specified percenatge of each Gross Invoice Amount / RA Bill should be splitted into retention amount & balance amount which should be made available for payment, the retention amount should be held as retention money in a Special GL a/c of each vendor account.
  • The process of splitting up of invoice value to normal invoice transaction, and that of retention, should be automated in SAP, and respective General ledger Reconciliaiton accounts should be accounted for.
  • This retention amount should be blocked for release of payment until completion of the defect liability period of the project or as per terms of the PO/WO/SO.
  • Total Retention Money A/c’s of all vendors should be shown as a Sub-Group in the Balance Sheet under the separate Reconciliation A/c called as “Retention Money Payable to Contractors / Sub – Contractors”

Process Logic : The detailed Process Logic is given in Annexure

<Name of Core Team Member>

For Conversion

Tables involved:




For Reports

Input Fields


Desired output


Tables Involved


For Workflow

Flow Chart


Level and Person involved



For Interface : Not Applicable

Fields Required From Source System:

Field Description

Field Name in Source System

Data Type








Fields Required From Traget System:

Field Description

Field Name in Target System

Data Type








Data Mapping:

Field Name in Source System

Field Name in Target System









Procession Logic:



Error Handling Requirements: <Describe who should be intimated or what should be the system response in case of an error>



SAP Input Screen (Data Mapping)



Screen number

R/3 Screen field name

Legacy field








Table Involved

Consistency checks that must be done:

Item ScreenField Description









Table Involved

Design of desired form – Layout set: Not Applicable

Specify the default layout set if available

Specify page format

Standard Form Model:

Attach copy of existing form as sample. Explain here the detail requirement for Laout viz. usage/ data volume/ Can it be standardise etc

If this form is a copy of a standard form or if there is a model in the legacy system, please include the copy here. Include also the name of the standard form and path/transaction where it is in the SAP System.

Desired output: Not applicable

Give a pictorial view of the desired output


Specify the available enhancement name, customizing path and details about what must be done. Please ensure all customization done w.r.t. testing

  • Payment term – Different payment terms to be defined and configured for Retention money. The combination can be different 90%&10% Retention portion, 80%&20% Retention portion etc.,
  • Payment Block Key ‘S’ will be configured and attached to the Retention portion payment term component.
  • The relevant Payment Term should be mentioned in the PO/SO/WO to enable the Invoice verification process to carry on with same payment term.
  • Based on the payment term with multiple layers (say 90%, 10%), separate line items will be created during LIV process (SAP T.code: MIRO)
  • During that process, the Payment Block ‘S’ will be attached to the ‘Retention money’ line item component.

However all the vendor line items will have same Recon GL a/c as mentioned in the Vendor Master. The requirement is to change that ‘Recon GL a/c’ to ‘Retention Money GL a/c’ for the Retention Money line item component of LIV process.

  • T.code: MIRO
  • Sample BAdi used in this process: MRM_WT_SPLIT_UPDATE for changing Withholding tax data during vendor split. To use / emulate the same functionality, to change the GL account based on the following logic.
  • If Payment block field for line item ZLSPR = ‘S’ and the Recon GL a/c assigned to that Vendor line item HKONT = XXXXXX

Look for the value of SKONT (ZZZZZZ) from Table T074 as follows, and replace the value of HKONT with the value of SKONT.

For the combination of

T074_KTOPL = 1000 [Chart of Accounts] T074_KOART = K [Account Type - Vendor]
T074_UMSKZ = R [Special G/L Indicator - Retention Money] T074_HKONT = XXXXXX [Reconciliation Account in General Ledger] Find
T074_SKONT = ZZZZZZ [Spl G/L Account Number]
  • Access to over-ride the splitting should be restricted only to super users.

Test Case and Test Related Result specification
Format No/ Rev:  


Prepared on

Test Cases (with expected results)

Invoice Amount: Rs 10,000

Retention money: 5%

Expected Results: Normal Recon Account: Rs 9,500, Recon Account for Retention: 500

Applicable TDS and other taxes to be considered


Section I: Unit Testing

Program name:


Test date:

/ /

Developer name:


Team Members (Functional)


Responsible functional team member for testing:

  1. File(s) used for test (optional):
  2. Does the program comply with the functional specification ? Yes No


Note: If the program is OK just sign the form. If necessary include some comments in the appropriate section.

  1. If the answer to question 2 is "No" please describe the problems that were found in the program.

Sign off after testing

Team Lead



/ /

Lead Consultant



/ /

Sign-Off and Acceptance of developed object

Names and Signatures

Team Lead

Lead Consultant

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