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Job Profile & Salary Package for SAP CS Consultant

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Job Profile & Salary Package for SAP CS Consultant

Customer Service is gaining greater importance in almost all business sectors since most management philosophies see after sales services as a credibility endorsement. Thus many companies have moved towards using SAP CS module. In India SAP has over 50% market share with over 3000 customers.  Slowly and steadily this rate is increasing. Thus the demand of SAP CS professionals is also increasing.

6 out of 10,000 professionals in India are expertise in SAP CS module. The companies pay well to SAP CS professionals. The top paying companies are Oil and natural GAS Corporation, Wipro InfoTech, JSW ispat. The salaries for experienced personnels range from17.03 lacs to 40 lacs p.a with ONGC paying 40.3 lacs p.a for professional with &+ years of experience.

The job profile fetched after SAP CS certification is of SAP CS trainer, SAP CS Junior consultant, SAP CS senior consultant, Project manager, Vice president etc. The top paying placed in India are Gurgaon, Bengaluru and Noida.

Freshers or persons with 0-3 years of experience are also paid well after the SAP CS certification. Thus this course attracts freshers easily. The average salaries of a fresher is 3.5 lac p.a. the companies which prefer frehsers are Wipro InfoTech, Infosys and Mahindra Satyam Computers.
The companies also pay huge bonuses to its employees with SAP CS certification. The salary of such professionals increases with an average rate of 15% per additional year of experience.


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