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Leave Type Not Displaying in ESS Portal

amit butola || 11 Dec 2013 3:35 pm || 1

Dear Experts,

I've configured a Leave type (Half Day), this leave type is visible on R/3 System and can be captured on the system. This leave type is not showing on ESS Portal.

Please advise.

I've checked the rule groups.

I've checked configuration of the following tables.

1. V_T554s to define the leave type.
2. V_T559r to define the rounding rules.
3. V_554s_q to assign counting rule.
4. V_T554s_Essex to activate leave types
5. V_T554s_Web to activate approver

And all seems good to me, is it perhaps that in table V_T554s_Web that the sort/sequence number could have an impact on the display of the leave types?

But there are certain leave types that both have the sequence of 01 and they both display.

Thank in Advance.


  • 23 Dec 2013 5:41 am

    check on the PS grouping, the employ you are testing is in the that group?