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List of Resigned Employees

amit butola || 13 Aug 2013 5:55 pm || 10

Hi All,

Is there any T-code to get the list of resigned employees ? 

Thanks in Advance.


  • 13 Aug 2013 12:26 pm
    Go to se16n, choose inactive employees and get the report download in excel.

  • 13 Aug 2013 12:27 pm
    Try this T-Code "S_PH9_46000223"
  • 13 Aug 2013 12:45 pm
    There is a standard report which provides the list of employees hired and or resigned.

    S_AHR_61016369 - Employee List

    Use T.code S_PH9_46000223 for Employees Entered/Left.
  • 14 Aug 2013 5:23 am
    - Tcodes S_PH9_46000223 and S_L9C_94000095
    - SAP EASY ACCESS >SAP menu >Information Systems >Human Resources >Reports
    - txn SARP, see what report trees are available for HR and then find the report required.
  • 14 Aug 2013 5:23 am

    Use the t.code S_PH9_46000223
    as our gurus said

    Choose Employment status as 0 Withdrawn
    you will get the report

    All the Best
  • 14 Aug 2013 5:23 am
    Run t.code S_AHR_61016369.

    In the variant part specify Employment Status as 0.
  • 14 Aug 2013 6:48 am

    Menupath: S_PH9_46000223 - EEs Entered and Left - selection screen - other period (data selection period) - selection (personnel no. or PA or PSA or company code or payroll area) desired one - Program selection (Leaving date) - Execute (F8)

    Hope this helps you. If so please mark this as helpful.
  • amit butola
    16 Aug 2013 5:21 am

    It doesn't work, I selected the t code S_PH9_46000223 in the period selected "current year" then executed, then it is showing as no data was selected .

    Please advise
  • 16 Aug 2013 5:21 am
    Check what other options are available.
    Check other transactions also.
    If necessary as a last resort, you may adapt an existing report program as required.
  • 16 Aug 2013 7:45 am
    After selecting Current year, there will another prompt 'No. of data to be read'. Mention some number here ( not Zero)