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Logon not possible (error in license check)

Updated May 19, 2018

Hello SAP Experts,

I am getting error message 00 179 "Logon not possible (error in license check)" with following conditions:

  • When you would like to logon except for SAP* account,
  • background job fail many times,
  • All ABAP work processes throw an error in their traces.

Please follow the steps below in order to regenerate this issue:

  • User tries to login to the system and gets an error message in the status bar; In some cases, the SAP* login is allowed.
  • Background job keeps failing with same error;
  • The error also throws in work process traces (dev_w*):
M  *** ERROR => SapSecuInit():  sapcr_init in CommonCryptoLib failed RC=-1  [secuload.c   527]
N  *** ERROR =>
===...SSF could not initialize using sapcr_init in library //path/ . RC=-1
 [ssfxxkrn.c   612]
N  *** ERROR => ===...environment variable PATH=(...)
N  ===...loading of Security Toolkit completed with rc 10 (SSF_SUP_NOLIB).
N  =================================================
N  *** ERROR => No SSF library found [ssfxxkrn.c   1384]
M  *** ERROR => 138 likey_init: Could not initialize the SAPSECULIB by calling SsfLibGetToolkit (). [sliclikey.c  1318]
M  *** ERROR => SlicLikeyInit: likey_init failed: 1 [sliclikey.c  281]
M  *** ERROR => SAPlicense: LIKEY initialisation failed! [slicshm.c    276]