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Loyalty Error in Hybris Marketing

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Loyalty Error in Hybris Marketing

Hello SAP Experts,

The extract Program is giving an error and unable to Replicate the correct data into the Interaction Contacts of Hybris Marketing.

Below are the list of affected HANA Artefacts or Views:

  • "_SYS_BIC"."sap.hana-app.loy.v/CA_INTERACTION_MEMBERS"
  • "_SYS_BIC"."sap.hana-app.loy.v/CA_LOYALTY_SCORING"
  • "_SYS_BIC"."sap.hana-app.loy.v/CA_LOYALTY_MEMBERS"
  • "_SYS_BIC"."sap.hana-app.loy.v/CA_LOYALTY_MEMBER_ACTIVITY"
  • "_SYS_BIC"."sap.hana-app.loy.v/CA_YMKT_MEMBER_ACTIVITY"

Please help me to resolve this issue


  • 06 Jun 2017 5:43 pm

    In order to resolve this issue please change the data source to DDIC tables of all the HANA artefacts you mentioned. 

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