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MIRO Amount Greater Than MIGO

Updated May 18, 2018

Hi SAP Experts,

When we do a MIRO to the GR posted, the MIRO is computing an amount higher than what was received. When we enter this in the system, we enter the gross amount and the system computes for the tax amount and the base amount. We configured the calculation type of the condition type of our vat amount as “H” percentage included.

PO Data:
Gross Amount: 112,000.00
Tax Amount (12%): 12,000.00
Base Amount (net of tax): 100,000.00

When we do a Goods Receipt, the PO amount of 112,000.00 is forwarded to the GR. However, when we did a MIRO, the tax (12,000.00) is adding up with the gross amount (112,000.00).

Balance: -12,000.00
Amount: 112,000.00
Tax Amount: 12,000.00

An error message show up: "Balance not zero: 12,000.00- debits: 124,000.00 credits: 112,000.00"

When we change the amount to 124,000.00, the balance amount becomes 0.00 and it allows us to post the document. However, the amount posted now is 124,000.00 instead of 112,000.00 (gross amount).

MIRO Should be:
Balance: 0.00
Amount: 112,000.00
Tax Amount: 12,000.00

Please advise on how we can achieve the "MIRO Should be" result.

Thanks in Advance


  • 10 Dec 2013 12:49 pm Nanda Kumar
    Create a tax code 0% for MIRO processing, then try
  • 10 Dec 2013 12:52 pm Nanda Kumar
    Here clearly observing that you are maintaining tax code again in MIRO.
    So create zero% tax code then try