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Missing delivery class with maintenance views

Updated May 18, 2018

The delivery class of a maintenance view is used in the Extended Table Maintenance (SM30). If a maintenance interface is generated for the maintenance view, the following information is analyzed when view data is entered for this interface:

  • For maintenance views having delivery class E or G, there is a check if the entered data satisfies the namespace defined in table TRESC for the view.
  • There is a check if the transport connection built into the generated table maintenance makes sense. For example, there is no transport for maintenance views with delivery classes L and W.

The delivery class of the corresponding base table of the view alone defines how the data entered in a base table of the view is handled during an upgrade and during transport between customer systems.

The "Data class" value in Technical settings has nothing about table maintenance, it only determines which table space should the table reside in.

You should check the "Delivery class" in Attributes screen. If it is "C - Customizing table", it's considered as customizing data and automatically linked to the transport management system. And to change data in table, the client you are working should be in "Changes to Repository and cross-client Customizing allowed" mode (Trans. SCC4). If delivery class is "A - Application table", you can still maintain data using SM30, but there is no link to transport management (though you can transport manually if you want), and the client settings are not considered.

You can use "No, or user, recording routine" setting to break a Customizing table apart from transport system. It has no effect on an Application table.

This error can only occur if the delivery class of the maintenance view on a G or E table is not maintained, in other words is initial. To check this, go to transaction SE11 and check the content of the field 'Delivery class' on the title element 'Maintenance status'.

A program correction is necessary. After you import this correction the delivery class of the primary table is based on the primary table for the running of the view's maintenance dialog in the case of an initial delivery class of the view.