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What are the MM/FI Difference for Material Stocks?

Updated May 18, 2018

Hello Experts,

When I use transaction MB5L or report RM07MMFI, I find that the values of materials in MM and the balances of the balance sheet in FI are not the same. Why is this happening?



  • 26 Apr 2016 5:43 pm Romil Tripathi Best Answer

    The results of said transaction or report are usually affected by the current postings. That is, if there are postings that are taking place when you ran the program, it is likely that there will be discrepancies.

    In general, there are three known reasons for the differences:

    1.The FI postings were made directly to the MM sheet accounts
    2.The MM account balance sheets are being used for operations that are not BSX.
    3.There are documents in MM that should have follow-ups on FI but don’t. 
    4.There are entries in the balance sheets in FI for which the material document in MM is missing. 

    Following are the solutions for each case:

    1.Cancel the directly made postings in FI and select the “post automatically only” indicator (XINTB) in the master account record (fs00). 

    2.If the material stock accounts have been accessed using operations that are not BSX, then there will be an error. Consider transferring the balances occurring from non- BSX transactions separately into the F1 accounts. 

    3.This usually happens when there are active customer enhancements such as BAdls, user exits, and customer exits that cause COMMIT WORK statements to be generated and processed. Use SAP remote consulting to solve the problem (refer to internal 941721). 

    4.This is a similar problem to 3, except that the COMMIT WORK statement is replaced by a ROLL BACK WORK statement because the material record is missing. Read 636442 for an account of how to carry out said rollback. 

    The problem can also be caused by unknown causes, in which case, it is advisable to use  32236 which explains how to use SAP support to run an analysis.